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About LUG

The LUG provides a unique relationship with IBM. Since 1994, the Large User Group (LUG) has provided an enhanced relationship between IBM development and users of IBM i™ products. The LUG is a client sponsored organization which provides a lively forum for positive and constructive communications on what the IBM i™ is, where it is going, and how it could be improved.

The LUG is a source of information, ideas, and solutions. The LUG provides the opportunity for knowledgeable and talented IT professionals to exchange information about various topics of particular interest to the users of IBM i™ in an enterprise environment. The IT professionals that make up the LUG membership share solutions to common problems through regular meetings with IBM and discussions on a private website, which is accessible only by LUG members and approved IBM employees.

LUG members

LUG membership includes over one hundred large companies who have a significant investment in IBM i™; currently, over 25 million CPW is in use by LUG members. Member companies are active in many industries, such as finance, manufacturing, insurance, retail, petroleum, and media. There are enterprises from around the world. Most of them are recognized as leaders in their industry.

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